Caren Kennedy

Caren Kennedy is a screenwriter based in Dublin, Ireland.  Her current project, A Lock and a Hard Place, is an action thriller feature for adult audiences. It has a small, diverse cast with a female lead and the excitement comes from the story rather than big set pieces.  

A Lock and a Hard Place is set in present day Dublin. It’s about a woman risking all to save her family from a crime syndicate but must enlist her estranged husband’s co-operation to succeed. Their marriage is in shreds since she had a daughter (not his) while he was in prison. As everyone’s fate hangs in the balance, this fractured couple gradually reconnect as they overcome a series of perilous set-backs and escalating levels of danger, until she decides murder is their only option …

An early version of this story won an award in a Linen Press ‘New Beginnings’ competition. It also earned Caren a place on the 2016 Red Rock Writers Academy for TV Drama.  Following this, she wrote for Red Rock (Virgin Media / BBC / Amazon) in Season 3, 2017, where she was schooled in her craft by John Yorke (BBC Writers Academy) and learned to take notes, write in collaboration with a team and to tight deadlines.

In 2006, she created a TV drama series that was optioned by JJ Abrams / Warner Bros TV from 2007 – 2014. It was sidelined by Abrams in favour of Star Wars. As rejections go, it wasn’t the worst.

She completed a Masters in Screenwriting at IADT’s National Film School in 2018.



Mobile: + 353 (0) 87 130 7780